Increase your endurance, strength and energy with The Fitness Edge performance programs.

These high intensity interval training programs utilize the full body for ultimate strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Sport Specific
Through applied science, objective and subjective assessment as well as custom-tailored training programs, we help athletes maximize their full performance potential in their chosen sport. Our program focuses on speed, agility, balance, power, flexibility, lateral movements, and mental preparation so you can achieve peak performance. We offer the perfect balance of cutting-edge equipment and top notch coaches.
Boot Camp

The high intensity interval training in this program utilizes the full body for the ultimate cardiovascular conditioning. Increase your endurance, strength and energy. All levels of fitness are welcome and the classes are open to anyone.

Register for Saturday Morning Boot Camp! 8:00 a.m. - $20/session. Boot camp is outside unless weather prohibited then it will continue inside.

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Increase muscular stature, improve cardiovascular capabilities, and gain mental strength. In addition to an awareness of potential self-defense dangers, boxing burns excessive calories which can reduce body weight and fat. Boxing improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups and helps to develop balance.
Our program is based on the Kenpo Karate system. Each move in the self-defense system of Kenpo Karate focuses on a systematic approach utilizing a combination of practical and effective self-defense techniques. Utilizing a combination of private lessons, group classes and fighting experiences, students receive personal attention, peer instruction and situational training with each providing an important aspect of the complete, well-rounded Kenpo master.